Frying Pan Restaurant
Frying Pan

Located at the Old Yacht Basin, Frying Pan Restaurant in Southport NC features fresh local favorites such as pan seared seafood, a variety of grilled, blackened, pan seared and fried seafood specialties and mouth watering homemade desserts.

Client: Frying Pan


Frying Pan Restaurant, a seasonal dining establishment in Southport, NC, enlisted the expertise of GM Web Services for a comprehensive website revamp.

The primary objective was to infuse the website with a modern coastal aesthetic that resonated with the restaurant’s atmosphere and clientele. A key requirement was the creation of a responsive menu page, designed to cater to take-out orders, complete with a printable menu for customer convenience. The client also sought prominent calls to action strategically placed across the site to encourage user engagement, reservations, and online orders. An essential component of the objective was to establish a dedicated space for customer reviews, fostering a sense of community and trust. Additionally, the website needed to feature an integrated Google map for easy navigation. To empower the client with autonomy, the objective included providing website management tools, enabling seamless updates for menus, seasonal hours, and special offerings.

The overarching goal was to craft a visually appealing, user-friendly website that not only reflected the coastal charm of Frying Pan Restaurant but also facilitated practical functionalities for both customers and the restaurant’s management.


GM Web Services successfully addressed Frying Pan Restaurant’s objectives through a range of strategic solutions, resulting in a revamped website that perfectly aligns with the restaurant’s brand and customer needs:

Modern Coastal Aesthetic: The website was redesigned with a modern coastal aesthetic, incorporating a visually pleasing color palette, graphics, and imagery that resonated with the restaurant’s seaside location. This design choice aimed to create a cohesive and immersive online experience reflective of the dining ambiance.

Responsive Menu Page: A dedicated and responsive menu page was developed to cater specifically to take-out orders. The page not only showcased the restaurant’s offerings in an appealing manner but also provided a printable menu for the convenience of customers placing take-out orders.

Prominent Calls to Action: Multiple calls to action were strategically placed throughout the website. Whether encouraging reservations, highlighting seasonal specials, or facilitating online orders, these prompts were designed to be prominent, clear, and inviting, promoting user engagement and conversions.

Reviews Section: A dedicated space for customer reviews was integrated into the site, fostering trust and community engagement. Positive testimonials and feedback were prominently displayed, adding a layer of authenticity and social proof to the restaurant’s online presence.

Google Map Integration: The website featured an integrated Google map for easy navigation, ensuring that both locals and vacationers could easily find and locate Frying Pan Restaurant. This feature enhanced the overall user experience, especially for those unfamiliar with the area.

Website Management Tools: GM Web Services provided the client with user-friendly website management tools. This empowered the restaurant’s staff to easily update menus, adjust seasonal hours, and promote special offerings without the need for extensive technical knowledge. This ensured that the website remained current and relevant.

Visual Engagement and Navigation: The website was designed with a focus on visual engagement and ease of navigation. High-quality visuals, including images of the restaurant’s dishes and the coastal ambiance, were strategically incorporated. The user interface was streamlined to provide an intuitive and enjoyable browsing experience.

By implementing these solutions, GM Web Services not only met but exceeded Frying Pan Restaurant’s expectations. The result was a visually engaging and user-friendly website that not only highlighted the restaurant’s coastal charm but also facilitated practical functionalities for both customers and the restaurant’s management. The strategic placement of multiple calls to action further encouraged interaction, reservations, and online orders, contributing to an enhanced online presence and customer experience.



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