Red Earth Marketing

Red Earth Marketing is the leader in the support, marketing, and sales of new home and private club communities. With over two decades of experience, Red Earth has been involved in the creation and oversight of the strategy, leadership, and direct success of some of the best master-planned, private club and new home communities in North America and the Caribbean.

Client: Red Earth Marketing


Red Earth Marketing, a leading real estate marketing firm specializing in services for builders and developers, engaged GM Web Services for a comprehensive website revamp. The primary objective was to create a modern, user-friendly online experience that not only showcased their diverse range of services but also facilitated seamless navigation for visitors. The client emphasized the need for a visually engaging and easy-to-navigate menu that effectively highlighted the multiple services they provide. Furthermore, the goal was to integrate prominent, specific, and frequent calls to action tailored to each individual service offered, optimizing user engagement and conversions. Red Earth Marketing sought to present their service pricing through visually-driven pricing tables for all levels of services. Client testimonials were to be prominently featured to instill trust and credibility. Additionally, a large gallery page was required, equipped with multiple filters, to showcase their portfolio of interior renderings, exterior renderings, floor plan renderings, and site maps. To empower the client with autonomy, the objective included website management tools for easy updating of images as needed, ensuring the website remained dynamic and reflective of their latest projects and offerings. The overarching goal was to deliver a website that not only reflected the professionalism of Red Earth Marketing but also provided a seamless and engaging experience for their clients and prospects.


GM Web Services effectively addressed Red Earth Marketing's objectives through a strategic set of solutions, creating a website that not only met but exceeded their expectations:

Modern User-Friendly Experience: The website was redesigned to provide a modern and user-friendly experience. The overall design was updated with contemporary aesthetics, and the user interface was optimized for intuitive navigation.

Visual Mega Menus: To enhance navigation, visually appealing mega menus were implemented. These menus provided a clear and comprehensive overview of Red Earth Marketing's various services, making it easy for visitors to explore and find the specific information they were looking for.

Prominent Calls to Action: Specific and frequent calls to action were strategically placed throughout the site, tailored to each individual service offered. This approach ensured that visitors were prompted to engage at various touchpoints, optimizing the chances of conversion.

Visually-Driven Pricing Tables: Visual elements were incorporated into pricing tables for all levels of services. This not only made the pricing information more engaging but also facilitated a quick and easy comparison of services.

Client Testimonials: Client testimonials were prominently featured across relevant pages, instilling trust and credibility. This social proof added a layer of authenticity to Red Earth Marketing's services and encouraged potential clients to take action.

Large Gallery Page with Filters: A comprehensive gallery page was developed, showcasing Red Earth Marketing's portfolio of interior renderings, exterior renderings, floor plan renderings, and site maps. Multiple filters were implemented to allow users to navigate the gallery efficiently and find specific examples of their work.

Website Management Tools: GM Web Services provided user-friendly website management tools, empowering Red Earth Marketing to update images and content as needed. This ensured that the website remained dynamic and reflective of their latest projects and services.

Interactive Map Software: In addition to the outlined objectives, GM Web Services developed interactive map software to enhance neighborhood marketing for Red Earth Marketing. This innovative tool provided a dynamic and interactive way for developers to showcase neighborhood details and offerings, enhancing the overall marketing strategy.

By combining these solutions, GM Web Services not only met Red Earth Marketing's specific requirements but also created a visually engaging and functionally rich website that effectively highlighted their services, facilitated seamless navigation, and encouraged user engagement and conversion. The addition of interactive map software further elevated Red Earth Marketing's ability to market neighborhoods effectively to developers and potential clients.



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