Shinleaf Estates

Shinleaf Estates, part of the Shinleaf Family of Neighborhoods,  is a new community in North Raleigh, immersed in nature, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a comfortable, well-designed home with easy access to the Falls Lake Recreation District. It offers estate-sized homes starting at $1.6 million designed and built by the areas most respected architects and home builders. It’s an ideal place for those who appreciate the great outdoors and a relaxed, nature-centric lifestyle.

Client: Shinleaf Estates


Blantons Creek Developers, the team behind Shinleaf Estates in Raleigh, NC, partnered with GM Web Services to develop a comprehensive digital and print marketing solution. The primary goal was to create an informative website highlighting Shinleaf Estates' unique features, including its amenities, the sales team, and the approved neighborhood builders. The website needed separate pages to showcase available homesites and homes without redirecting visitors to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Additionally, the client requested dedicated pages for the approved builders, aiming for a comprehensive browsing experience within the website. They also envisioned an interactive map for real-time updates on the neighborhood. GM Web Services was also tasked with providing a range of print marketing materials, such as home and lot flyers, highway and neighborhood entry signs, and broker folders. The objective was to establish a well-integrated digital and print marketing campaign to effectively communicate the distinct brand qualities of Shinleaf Estates, fostering interest among potential homebuyers and brokers.


GM Web Services crafted a comprehensive and user-centric website for Shinleaf Estates that focused on promoting the neighborhood's unique features. To spotlight the amenities, sales team, and approved builders, we designed distinct sections within the website. These sections allowed visitors to explore the offerings without being redirected to external listing services.

For the available homesites and homes, we developed individual pages that seamlessly showcased the properties within the site, eliminating the need for visitors to navigate away to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). These dedicated pages provided comprehensive details and visual representations, ensuring a complete browsing experience.

Additionally, we designed separate pages dedicated to the approved builders, offering an in-depth look at their work and their role within Shinleaf Estates. This facilitated a cohesive browsing journey for visitors interested in learning more about the builders involved.

To provide real-time updates and enhance the user experience, an interactive map of the neighborhood was integrated into the website. This feature allowed for easy navigation and quick access to the most recent information about the development.

Regarding print marketing, GM Web Services developed a suite of materials, including home and lot flyers, highway and neighborhood entry signs, and marketing collateral folders. These materials were thoughtfully crafted to align with the upscale image of Shinleaf Estates and to attract potential homebuyers and brokers.

The website and accompanying print materials aimed to effectively convey the distinctive qualities and luxurious appeal of Shinleaf Estates, ensuring that both online and offline marketing elements aligned with the vision of the developers and catered to the targeted audience.



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