Morrison & Morrison

Morrison & Morrison, Inc., is a property loss consulting firm and licensed public insurance adjusting group, based in League City, Texas. They are an authority on assessing, documenting and negotiating property claim damages for commercial and larger residential claims.

Client: Morrison & Morrison


Morrison & Morrison, a public insurance adjuster specializing in commercial and high-end residential claims, collaborated with GM Web Services for a comprehensive website revamp. The primary objective was to position Morrison & Morrison as an industry leader through a modern and user-friendly online presence.

The client sought a website that not only showcased their expertise but also facilitated a seamless user experience. Key components of the objective included an easy-to-navigate menu that prominently highlighted their range of services, with a special emphasis on clearly conveying the claims process.

To effectively communicate with their target market of commercial clients, the website content and design were to be tailored to speak directly to their unique needs and challenges. The overall goal was to create a site that exuded professionalism, instilling confidence in potential clients.

The website was intended to feature prominent, specific, and frequent calls to action strategically placed throughout the site, encouraging engagement and interaction. Information tables detailing the different claims types were crucial for providing clients with a quick and comprehensive overview of Morrison & Morrison's capabilities.

Client testimonials were to be prominently featured, adding authenticity and social proof to Morrison & Morrison's track record of successful claims. Additionally, a resources page was to be created, incorporating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Blogs, to provide valuable information and insights for visitors navigating the insurance claims process.

The overarching goal was to deliver a website that not only positioned Morrison & Morrison as an industry leader but also served as an informative resource for potential clients, encouraging trust, engagement, and inquiries.


GM Web Services successfully addressed Morrison & Morrison's objectives through a strategic set of solutions, resulting in a website that not only positioned them as an industry leader but also provided a user-friendly experience:

Leadership Positioning: The website redesign focused on positioning Morrison & Morrison as a leader in the public insurance adjusting industry. A modern and professional design was implemented to convey expertise, credibility, and trustworthiness.

Modern User-Friendly Experience: The overall user experience was optimized with a modern and intuitive design. The user interface was revamped to ensure seamless navigation, making it easy for visitors to explore services, understand the claims process, and access relevant information.

Easy-to-Navigate Menu: A streamlined menu structure was implemented to highlight Morrison & Morrison's range of services. Clear headings and subheadings facilitated easy navigation, ensuring that visitors could quickly find information related to their specific needs.

Claims Process Highlight: The claims process was prominently featured on the website to provide transparency and clarity to clients. This section explained the step-by-step procedures, establishing Morrison & Morrison's commitment to guiding clients through the complexities of insurance claims.

Targeted Communication to Commercial Clients: Tailored content and design elements were strategically employed to directly address the needs and concerns of the target market—commercial clients. The language and visuals were crafted to resonate with the unique challenges faced by businesses.

Prominent Calls to Action: Throughout the website, prominent, specific, and frequent calls to action were strategically placed. These calls encouraged visitors to engage with Morrison & Morrison, whether by initiating a consultation, requesting more information, or navigating the claims process.

Information Tables for Claims Types: Clear and informative tables were created to outline the different types of claims Morrison & Morrison specializes in. These tables served as quick reference guides for clients, aiding them in understanding the scope of services offered.

Client Testimonials: Positive client testimonials were prominently featured on relevant pages, serving as powerful social proof of Morrison & Morrison's successful track record. These testimonials added credibility and built trust among potential clients considering their services.

Resources Page with FAQs and Blogs: A dedicated resources page was developed, featuring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Blogs. This section served as an informative hub, providing valuable insights into the claims process, industry trends, and other relevant topics.

The collaborative effort resulted in a comprehensive web solution that not only met Morrison & Morrison's objectives but also exceeded expectations. The website now serves as a powerful tool for positioning the firm as an industry leader, effectively communicating their expertise, guiding clients through the claims process, and encouraging engagement from both commercial and high-end residential clients.



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