UFO of God

“UFO of God” by Chris Bledsoe recounts his extraordinary encounters with UFOs that began during a desperate moment in his life, leading to a miraculous healing and ongoing interactions with mysterious phenomena. The book explores themes of hope, faith, and the consciousness connection with UFOs, featuring endorsements from prominent figures like Jim Semivan and Col. John B. Alexander.

Client: UFO of God


The primary objective was to create a one-page website to promote the book "UFO of God" by Chris Bledsoe. The site aimed to drive traffic and sales through an Amazon affiliate link, leveraging Chris Bledsoe's unique experiences and endorsements from prominent figures to attract and engage potential readers.


To achieve this objective, we implemented the following solutions:

Design and Layout: We designed a visually appealing one-page website that effectively captured the essence of the book. The layout was clean and user-friendly, ensuring visitors could easily navigate and find the information they needed.

Content Integration: We included compelling content about Chris Bledsoe's experiences, the book's narrative, and endorsements from credible figures like Jim Semivan and Col. John B. Alexander. This content was strategically placed to build credibility and intrigue.

Affiliate Link Integration: A prominent call-to-action button linked directly to the book's Amazon page, encouraging visitors to make a purchase. This button was strategically placed to maximize click-through rates.

Videos and Interviews: We embedded relevant videos and interviews featuring Chris Bledsoe to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of his story and the book's themes. This multimedia approach helped engage visitors and keep them on the page longer.

Images and Endorsements: High-quality images and endorsements from credible figures were included to build trust and authenticity. These elements were crucial in convincing visitors of the book's value.

By combining these elements, we successfully created a one-page website that effectively promoted "UFO of God" and drove traffic to the Amazon affiliate link, ultimately increasing book sales and engagement.



Sample Pages

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