Red Bank Wine
Red Bank Wine

Red Bank Wine is Wilmington, North Carolina’s premier wine store. Locally owned and operated by Eric and Sara Copeland since 2004, Red Bank offers world-class wines, from major producers to allocated boutique family vineyards, and provides approachable, unpretentious wine knowledge.

Client: Red Bank Wine


The client came to us for a one-page website for their brick and mortar wine store. Though the site was to be small in page count, the desire was to have the site feel “bigger”. The company already had an online store presence built by GM Web Services as well as an active mailing list. The goals were to use the one-page site for the physical store location, to drive business to the eCommerce site, and to expand their already robust customer base through mailing list sign-ups. The client also expressed a need to manage the content of their website themselves by incorporating a social media feed.


The one-page site was made to feel more expansive by the use of a traditional style menu that directed down the page and the use of larger images to convey a sense of broad page space. Fonts were selected for their elegance and readability, and colors were introduced using the logo palette. The use of a Facebook feed was employed for fresh, updated content and was styled to mimic traditional website content. The addition of a focused online shopping campaign section with call-to-action elements redirects the viewer to Red Bank Wine’s eCommerce store. A stylish banner for mailing list sign-up was added. An integrated Google map helps point customers to the store location.