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Your website’s looking good, getting traffic, and running great today.
BUT….Did you know maintaining your website is just as important? GM Web Services can help keep your WordPress site secure and updated.

Manage My WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system out there, used by more than 42% of the top 10 million websites. No doubt having a WordPress website is great, but just like your car or home, regular and routine maintenance is essential for your website to perform it’s best and to have a strong defense against security threats. With 64% of companies worldwide experiencing at least one form of cyber attack, updates and backups are now more important than ever. That’s where we step in. Manage My WordPress is a monthly management plan designed to keep your site in top working condition.

Let us keep your WordPress site up to date and secure.

Manage My WordPress management plan, provides all the benefits and services you need for one low monthly price.

Manage My WordPress Key Features

Your website is a significant investment and with the proper maintenance, it never stops working for you. It’s on 24/7, 365. Your site never takes a break and because it doesn’t, it needs constant updating and optimizing to perform at its best, and additionally to protect it from unforeseen crashes from virus attacks, malware, hosting errors, or countless other maladies.

Manage My WordPress
Full Services List

  • Daily On-Site Back Ups

  • Monthly Off-Site Back Ups
  • Website Uptime | Downtime Monitoring
  • Image and Video Optimization
  • Themes and Plugins Updated
  • Fix & Restore Hacked Sites

  • Database Optimization

  • Form Function Testing

  • Comment Management

  • Security Monitoring

  • Find and Fix Broken Links

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