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What Is The Average Time Spent On A Website?

Your website has statistics that provide valuable information for strategic planning and gauging overall performance. You can learn which areas of your site are successful and which need some help. Your visitor metrics let you explore data that can lead you to make informed decisions when deciding to change the design of your site.

When analyzing your visitor metrics, you’ll see statistics such as how many visits your page receives per month and how many customers follow your call-to-action. In addition to these stats, site owners should also pay attention to how long visitors spend on their site, known as Dwell Time.

Dwell time is the specific measure of time it took someone to visit your page before returning to the search engine result page. Your site either provided the answer the visitor wanted, or they determined the page a failure and hit the back button immediately. While the dwell time metric is just an average, it has value because Google tends to favor websites with high dwell times in their rankings.

There are many factors that can affect your site’s dwell time. The length of each page is likely to have a longer average dwell time. Websites with more content that take longer to read mean visitors stay on your site longer when compared to a short site. Another factor is your load time. If your website takes too long to load, visitors won’t stick around to engage with your content.

Have low dwell time? Dwell Time is an important SEO metric to track. Here are a few effective ways to increase your site’s dwell time:

1. Optimize your site’s first impression

2.Create engaging, highly readable content

3. Include attractive headlines (avoid clickbait!)

4. add more internal links

5. Consider adding more graphics and embedded You Tube videos

6. Don’t forget to optimize your site for mobile users



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