Red Bank Wine Transport Co.

The Red Bank Wine Transport Company is a locally owned and operated wine concierge service, delivering the best in world-class wines to customers in Wilmington, NC, for over 25 years. Customers choose from a vast selection of artisan wines and beer that’s delivered directly to them.  Red Bank is Wilmington’s premier wine store, with the area’s most knowledgebase staff and price points that satisfy every customer and all taste preferences.


Client: Red Bank Wine Transport Co.


Red Bank Wine Transport needed an eCommerce store that could be completely customized to their industry and would allow them the control to update products and options themselves. They also needed to accept payments and provide shipping.




We built an attractive store website and an easy-to-use back-end admin for the client. Working alongside the owners, GM Web Services built a control panel that allows them total control of product images, stock updates, categories, pricing, and other features that fit their specific needs. The site uses API integration to coordinate all shipping and credit card payments.


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